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We at the Bonnyville Health Centre are so blessed to have these incredible physicians looking after us!

Thank you for always being the dedicated, thoughtful, and compassionate doctors that you are! You’re all heroes to us and deserve endless thanks from all of us whose lives have been positively affected by your tenderness, resilience, and skillful professionalism.
Honorable mentions not in the photo: Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad,
Dr. Anna Britz, Dr. Joel Cadrin, Dr. Ahmed Elfogghi,
Dr. Cornis Fouche, Dr. Chander Gupta, Dr. Dean Hanson,
Dr. Alina Kaznacheyeva, Dr. Peter Krueger, Dr. John Murphy,
Dr. Carlos Panaro, Dr. Kimberly Stausebach, Dr. Magda du Toit.