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Established in 1997, the Bonnyville Health Foundation is a registered charity under the provisions of the Hospitals Act and is governed by a local board of trustees. We are a dedicated community and volunteer-led organization that solicits donations and sponsors for our fund-raising events to enhance health-related programs in Bonnyville.

In the last 6 years alone, over $3.2 million has been raised by our community, allowing significant enhancements and equipment purchases for our Facility. We are devoted to raising funds for priority initiatives such as department upgrades, mental health awareness and education, staff learning and development, and the purchase of state of the art equipment. This is done through a partnership with our Health Centre, with our generous community and with Covenant Health. The funds raised not only maintain the current quality of care at the Bonnyville Health Centre, but also strengthen and expand the range of specialized health services available to our community.

Bonnyville Health Centre

  • Built in 1986
  • 63 beds (acute + continuing care)
  • Renovated to add Regional Lab in 1991 (which did serve 22 facilities in North Eastern Alberta)
  • One of 16 catholic facilities in Alberta which came together under a single board and administration in 2008 (these facilities now number 27 under a single Covenant Health Board)
  • Today, Bonnyville Health Centre is an accredited active treatment facility that provides a broad range of services to the community.

Board of Directors

  • Guy Vincent: Chair
  • Amber Hughes: Vice-Chair
  • Mandy Davey: Director
  • Eileen Yarmuch: Director
  • Patti Skuba: Director
  • Marcel Sylvestre: Director
  • Denise Napier: Director

Gala Committee

  • Mandy Davey: Co-Chair
  • Patti Skuba: Co-Chair
  • Amber Hughes
  • Cathy Sandmeyer
  • Susan Smith
  • Carrie Baumgardner

If you are interested in joining the Bonnyville Health Foundation Board of Directors or the Gala committee, you may contact one of the current members, or call our administration office at 780 826 8265.

Contact Us

Bonnyville Health Foundation
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Bonnyville AB T9N 2J7

Tel. 780.826.8265

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